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This entry will be the final one published here.
Over the last few weeks, I’ve been setting up Axon Chess Academy.
This blog will now continue on the blog page of the new website and will be combined with entries about the academy.
See you all there


Day 46 of 100

Yesterday, 1st of April was day 46 of 100 purely focused upon tactics. Before yesterday, I’d undertaken 626 hours of chess training. This now has given a slightly lower daily average but its now a much more focused concentrated training emphasis. I’ve been purely focused on Visualwize 5.0 since the 4th March when I last undertook ChessTempo tactics training.
I’m now up to exercise 4 on level 3 of Visualwize which although significantly more difficult exercises, its fascinating training your brain to visualise 6-ply deep. I managed to see the first three exercises, the fourth I stupidly wrongly positioned pieces so came up with a good move for what I was seeing but obviously not for what was involved in the actual exercise.
Yesterday, I added back to my tactics training, ChessTempo exercises and have now hit a new tactics rating high of 1501.9 which has positioned me 6232nd of 13352 members. On the 4th March, my tactics rating was 1439 and 7516th of 13,809. Therefore, a gain of over 60 rating points and 1300 positions.
None of this would have been possible without

1st April 2017 – 2 hours 30 mins, 628 hours 30 mins
ChessTempo rating 1501.9, 6232 out of 13352.
31st March 2017 – 626 hours


CCF Chess Daytime Club

Today, I attempted to play another round of the CCF Chess Daytime Club tournament. Unfortunately, my planned opponent failed to turn up.
Another member of the club had a very brief technical win so we decided to play a 30 minute game. I had played a competitive game against him a couple of months ago but then he beat me rather easily. This time however was a different matter and although I lost on time, I’m certain had we been utilising normal time limits, it would have been at least a hard fought draw. After finishing the game, my opponent remarked as to the massive improvement in my game, especially he noted, my tactical play.
Thank you to Louis Holtzhausen of

Day 35 Tuesday 21st March
1 hour tactics study / 616 hours 10 mins
Day 34 Monday 20th March
1 hour tactics study / 615 hours 10 mins
Day 33 Sunday 19th March
1 hour tactics study / 614 hours 10 mins
Day 32 Saturday 18th March
3 hours 15 mins tactics study / 613 hours 10 mins
Day 31 Friday 17th March
3 hours 20 mins tactics study / 609 hours 55 mins
Day 30 Thursday 16th March
4 hours tactics study / 606 hours 35 mins
Day 28 Tuesday 14th March
2 hours 35 mins tactics study / 602 hours 35 mins

Visualwize level 2 – what this actually gives you !

Yessssss!!!! I’ve just solved exercise 1 of Visualwize level 2. To give you an idea if what this gives you, you’re given the following information:


Above is the exercise start position

Now you’re shown the following moves:

1.Nf3 Bg4 2.Ne5 Rac8 then asked what the next move for white would be. The point is that the way it’s done really does help and improve your calculation/ visualisation skills at the sane time as improving your tactical prowess! It’s very clever.

Give it a try. Let Louis explain about Visualwize.



Day 31 of 100

Today Friday the 17th of March is day 31 of the 100 days of total focus on the tactical side of chess.
Yesterday, I completed the forty exercises of Visualwize level 1. Today, I’m starting the much harder  Visualwize level 2. If you do fancy giving it a try, and I do unreservedly recommend it, go through’s FREE 10 day chess challenge which covers tactical motifs, calculation, visualisation  and evaluation skills. During the 10 day challenge, you’ll be doing examples of Visualwize level 1. This is the link to day 1

Now as I mentioned above, I’m starting level 2 of Visualwize. This gives you a board positon then shows you the next two moves for example, for white then black , then asked the question as to what the third move would be for white. The point of this that yes you are shown the moves, but not by changing the board so you are calculating / visualising 5 moves ahead / 5 changes of board position !
Level 4 which for me will be a while yet until I can visualise to that extent as you’re given the next 4 moves each side and then asked for the subsequent 9th move!

I’ll give an example of what this programmme gives you in the next blog entry.

Middlesex vs Sussex /

On Saturday, I played for Sussex against Middlesex in the last county match of the season. Unfortunately I lost, but I should have won, going two pawns up after 15 moves. I became overconfident and made a couple of silly moves. However, overall, I’m very happy with my progress over the past two weeks. My visualisation / calculation and tactical skills have improved so much over the past two weeks since I’ve started working with Louis of My opponent was rated almost exactly 500 ELO above me so I’m very happy with the serious progression I’ve been recently making.
Today, Monday is day 27 of 100 with sole focus on the tactical side of chess, and now I’m approaching half-way into Visualwize 5.o level 1.
Two weeks ago I would have struggled to see any of the solutions but after starting tactical study through free chessfox’s free 10 day challenge, which gives you an introduction to Visualwize, it’s really helped to start to get me thinking the right way.
Give the FREE 10 day challenge a go. I will be shocked if it doesn’t help you too.
Now apart from chess play, I’m solely focused on Visualize 5.0 and tactical motif course
I shall continue with this approach for at least the remainder of the 100 days.

Day 27 Monday 13th March
4 hours 15 mins / 600 hours / 4 hours 15 mins tactics study
Day 26 Sunday 12th March
3 hours 15 mins / 595 hours 45 mins / 3 hours 15 mins tactics study

Day 25 Saturday 11th March
1 hour 30 mins / 592 hours 30 mins / 1 hour 30 mins game play

Day 24 Friday 10th March
2 hours / 591 hours  / 2 hours tactics study

Day 23 Thursday 9th March
4 hours 50 mins / 589 hours / 4 hours 50 mins tactics study

Day 22 Wednesday 8th March
3 hours / 584 hours 10 mins / 3 hours tactics study

Day 21 Tuesday 7th March
2 hours 45 mins / 581 hours 10 mins / 2 hours 45 mins tactics study

Day 20 Monday 6rh March
2 hours / 578 hours 25 mins / 2 hours tactics study

Day 19 Sunday 5th March
1 hour / 576 hours 25 mins / 1 hour tactics study

Day 18 Saturday 4th March
2 hours 30 mins / 575 hours 25 mins / 2 hours 30 mins tactics study
ChessTempo rating 1439, position 7516 of 13,809